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    We here at OTE Motorsports are advanceing our company from a parts sales and install company into a resurch and design company as well. we will still continue to sell and install parts but we have a few new parts in the design and moc up faze at this time once there done then youwill be able to purchace them on our web site at http://www.otemotorsports.com. we are very excited about this new venture and will keep you posted on the release dates for these new parts.

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    For 2011 we are going to be expanding our web site to be fully interactive to better be able to sute you the customer . It will be able to give you renderings of your ccar the way that you want it built as well as give an esteimated cost , so that you the customer have an idea of what your dream car will look like as well as cost . You will be able to use all of the dropdown menu’s to add and and take away from your car to be able to create it just the way that you want it and be able to print and compare the renderings so you can pick exactualy the way you want it done. ALL OF THIS COMMING SOON , WORKING ON IT DAILY . HOPE YOU WILL LIKE IT

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    In the many years of being an affliate of OTEmotorsports, as well as working as the director of operations for many years up until a few years ago, I have seen the progression of this motorsports company. It has come a long way and looks to contiune through time and continued research and development.

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    OTE Motorsports’History
    OTE Motorsports all started in 2001 when i was on active duity in the Army serving in Korea. That is when I realy started looking at import cars diferantly. At this time I had allrady learned how to build motors and transmissions ,as well as basic upkeep and was defenitly wanted to persue a carrer in the automotive field once my time in the military was finished.
    In 2004 after my time in the military was finished I persued my dreams and started my schooling in automotive buisness , and opened OTE Motorsports , and over the last six year of OTE Motorsport’s existance ,we have built several cars, and have an extinsive parts catologue and online store, and a team that has a combined experince of 25+years .
    We at OTE Motorsports are here to serve every need of the customer and make shure that the customer has the most current and up to date info on the hottest products that are on the market today

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